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Inertia Creeps - Massive Attack

Inertia Creeps

Massive Attack

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"Inertia Creeps" is a song by English electronic music band Massive Attack, released on 19 October 1998. It was the fourth and final single released off their third album, Mezzanine (1998). The song features vocals from Horace Andy. Although it is considered by critics as one of the best singles on the album, the track did not do well commercially at the time, charting only on the New Zealand Singles Chart. The song's title comes from the physical phenomenon of inertia, which is the tendency of an object to resist changes in its velocity. The lyrics of "Inertia Creeps" explore the idea of being stuck in a rut and struggling to break free. The song's slow, atmospheric sound reflects this theme of stagnation and frustration. The rhythm of the song is inspired by a genre of dance music from Turkey. The group had earlier been inspired by this music when wandering around the country during their 1997 tour. "Inertia Creeps" describes a relationship that Robert del Naja had at the time. He talks about how it was a situation where he knew he should leave but was too weak to do so, acting dishonestly with both himself and his partner. The song's music video features Robert del Naja sitting on a sofa, watching a recording of his partner having sex with Mushroom. Del Naja acts understandably disturbed by the clip, hiding behind a blanket. Despite its dark subject matter, "Inertia Creeps" is now one of Massive Attack's most popular songs and is often considered a highlight of Mezzanine. It was nominated for the Best British Single at the 1999 Brit Awards, but lost to Manic Street Preachers' "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next". "Inertia Creeps" remains a staple of Massive Attack's live shows, and has been covered by a number of artists, including Muse and DJ Shadow.

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