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Jam-Master Jay - Run-DMC

Jam-Master Jay


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Straight Outta Compton - poster

Straight Outta Compton




Kick off your shoes, jump on the jock And listen to the Jam-Master as he starts to rock His name is Jay and he's on his way To be the best DJ in the U-S-of-A J-A-Y are the letters of his name Cuttin' and scratchin' are the aspects of his game So check out the Master as he cuts these jams And look at us with the mics in our hands Then take a count, one, two, three Jam-Master Jay, Run-DMC He's Jam-Master Jay, the big beat blaster He gets better 'cause he knows he has to In '84 he'll be a little faster And only practice makes a real Jam-Master We're live as can be but we're not singin' the blues We got to tell all y'all the good news The good news is that there is a crew Not five, not four, not three, just two Two MC's who are claiming the fame And all other things won't be the same Because it's about time for a brand new group Run-DMC to put you up on the scoop We make the fly girls scream in ecstasy We rock the freshest rhymes at a party We put all the fellas in a daze It's everyone that we amaze And we got the master of a disco scratch There's not a break that he can't catch Jam-Master Jay, that is his name And all wild DJs, he will tame Behind the turntables is where he stands Then there is the movement of his hands So when asked who's the best, y'all should say Run-DMC and Jam-Master Jay Jam-Master Jay is the one in charge It's up to him to rock beats that are truly large He is the master of a scratch and cut So move your arms, so move your legs, so won't you move your butt? We're not talkin' ground, we're not talkin' sky We're not talkin' low, we're not talkin' high We're not talkin' big, we're not talkin' small We want all of the people on off the wall We're not talkin' night, we're not talkin' day But we're talkin' 'bout Jam-Master Jay Huh-huh, ha, ha-ha

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