Alwayz Into Somethin' - N.W.A.

Alwayz Into Somethin'


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The year is 1991, N.W.A back on the streets yo Taking out all you commercialized suckers And we're on this laid back track And we're doin' this one kinda smooth So whatcha gonna do, Dre? Kick it! And so on, let the beat flow on Because I need something to go off on The one and only D-R-E servin' a death wish So I'ma hit you like this Early in the morning, hop into the B-en-z I got forty-four ways of getting paid Sitting in my lap as I roll off the Compton blocks To scoop up Ren, I heard shots One, two, three, then I seen Ren Hopping the fence and with the .45 inside his hand He ran to the Benz, got in and said "Dre, I was speaking to your girl O'Shea" And as we roll on, I seen the patroller creep So we got ghost before they peeped Me and Ren in a black CE, yo Bumping some funky tracks by the D.O.C I gotta get paid, paid in a hurry, see I got a habit if I'm not paid thoroughly I start takin', makin' sure the money is steady coming Because I'm always into something Mi say mi just sick and tired of the police man The brutality is on the rise Man's not all, yeah said mi sick of the police man Listen up, come down, and we see it I heard a dope beat, somebody told me to go through it But if Dre didn't do it I can't flow to it N.W.A is like a mix of hard time and hard rhymes In the same lines You're taking a chance when you think that Talking under your breath won't lead to young death Taking a life, ain't nothing but a killing For a brother labeled as being a young black villain But you don't know me, a record can't tell ya How so many prayed that I be just another failure Real G's ain't about faking but taking I hooked up with N.W.A and started making Funky hyped lyrics for your system Might sound nice so it makes you wanna listen to a Sample of a ruthless organization But you don't want a confrontation Real G's don't play Yella, Eazy, me and my homeboy Dre Yo, always making sure that my beats is steady bumping Because I'm always into something Bom-bombclaat, they say come sack it on, come sack it on, easy Lord mi looking at mi sweet, she come And it comes like this man, seen 'em Lord that buddy like sumn' n-n-nasty, uh Man some of them tap with they money, some of them tap with they gun For this ya Admiral D, affi Champion Sounds Some of them chat with they money, and fi met me come she run Yo Dre, wifey-lifey play with they gun Yo, because I'm in it for life From the beginning I was stacking Now everybody wanna jack-in Now watching a softy, punk strong as coffee A brother like that best to back up off me Yo, 'cause these are the days and the times of the real G You cross me, you getting tossed see And that's on the real, because I'm known to get ill Again and again, so tell them what's up Ren If I'm not into nothing, I don't feel right So I get my boys and we roll yo, to go and start someruckus at night Because I never conceive myself from sittin' in a cell Where the crime was too tragic I couldn't make bail So now they gotta hold me And listen to rehabilitation over and over, sayin' they told me But I don't really care, cause I know my music is bumping Now Ren is always into something 1991, and N.W.A. get the job done I said my name is admiral dance on beat, the gyal Tellin' me 'bout they gun, they quick fi look at me, quick Lord have mercy That gyal could fi look at me quick That gyal could fi look at me quick That gyal could fi look at me quick She got that dirty habit That gyal fi wicked and wiley Gyal fi wicked and wiley Wicked and wicked and wicked, that gyal fi wicked and wicked Mi gyal say, "I'm a dancer, come in and ask mi name and I see my beam" Rastafaria, that beautiful sound, ya Dr. Dre, ah he the master MC Ren name it, and come cannot faster Here come ya low, wicked and wicked and rocks Wicked and wicked and watch Wicked and wicked and wicked and scratch That's why the admiral man, lyric be mi talks Deputy one now, N.W.A. is in the house Is in the house, is in the house, huh Ah listen up 'cause we in the house

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