Grown Ups 2 (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Rupert Gregson-Williams
Credited Songs 31 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Werewolves of London    Warren Zevon
0:21 Song at Kmart.   
Driver's Seat    Sniff 'n' the Tears
0:23 Second song at Kmart. An attendant wakes Nick up and he shits in the show toilet.   
Tired of Toein' the Line    Rocky Burnette
0:34 Song at the Ice Cream House.   
End of the World (Party One More Time) [feat. Boogieman]    The PlaceMints
0:36 First song at the water pool with all the college kids.   
Everybody Get WASTED    Lizzy D
0:36 Plays briefly outside the school after the last day.   
Bass Down Low (feat. Dev)    The Cataracs
0:39 The adults see all the college kids partying across the water.   
Teach Me How to Dougie    Cali Swag District
0:41 The college kids are dancing on the rocks.   
Roller    April Wine
0:46 Marcus rolls down the street in the tyre.   
Dancing on Top of the World (R8d!o's New Swag Remix) [feat. Boogieman]    The PlaceMints
0:54 The frat boys pull up next to Scully during his driving test.   
Cherry Pie    Warrant
0:58 Song at the hand car wash.   
New Song    Howard Jones
1:01 Montage as they all hang out with their family\'s at dinner.   
Love Plus One    Nick Heyward & Haircut 100
1:05 Greg starts his job at the ice cream house. He asks Nancy out.   
Say It Isn't So    The Outfield
1:09 The adults are talking at the start of the 80s party. They realise they havnt been to a party in a while.   
Dancing With Myself    Generation X
1:11 First song at the party after everyone arrives.   
Never Tell an Angel    The Stompers
1:12 Third song at the party. Nick talks to Kyle in the kitchen about his connection with women.   
Heaven    Bryan Adams
1:12 Marcus kisses his buff girlfriends muscles at the party.   
Bizarre Love Triangle    New Order
1:13 Lenny is playing quarters with his friends when his wife comes over and asks him to put their daughter to bed.   
Bagatelle No. 25 In a Minor, Für Elise    Ludwig Van Beethoven
1:14 Bean plays this song on the piano at the party.   
Centerfold    The J. Geils Band
1:15 First song the J. Geils band play. Lenny tells his daughter a story.   
Give It to Me    The J. Geils Band
1:16 Band plays another song while Lennys daughter asks for Mr. Gigglesworth.   
Night Time    The J. Geils Band
1:16 Second song band plays.   
Where Did Our Love Go    The J. Geils Band
1:17 Fourth song they play at the party. Dante jumps in the pool from the roof.   
Lonely Is the Night    Billy Squier
1:19 Lenny confronts Tommy Cavanaugh at the party.   
Relax    Frankie Goes To Hollywood
1:23 The fraternity arrives at the party.   
(It Ain't Nothin' But a) House Party    The J. Geils Band
1:26 The band sing this song during the fight.   
I Wanna Go Back    Eddie Money
1:31 Song at the dinner table after the party.   
Live Every Moment    1 REO Speedwagon
1:34 First song during end credits   
Bat Out of Hell    Meat Loaf
One In a Million    The Romantics
U Can't Touch This    MC Hammer
Pizzicato Polka    Johann Strauss
The ballet dance   

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