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Hellcats Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 21

Episode 21 • Land Of 1000 Dances

Lovesick - Emily Osment


Emily Osment

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Kathy helps Lewis with his workout; Kathy injures her knee.

T.S.O.P. (The Sounds Of Philadelphia)

MFSB ft The Three Degrees

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The marathon starts as the announcer goes over the rules.

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Lewis & Kathy arrive at the Push FM Dance-Til-You-Drop marathon.

In All Honesty, Lovelorn

Metropolis America

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Marti tells Savannah she'll talk to Julian about Savannah's dad's case; Wanda gives Alice a drink compliments of Morgan; Wanda tells Lewis' father that his credit card was declined; Alice asks Morgan if he has any dance experience.

Gimmie Dat - Ciara

Gimmie Dat


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Performed at the marathon; Alice & Morgan bump into Kathy & Lewis on the dancefloor.

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Alice checks the blisters on her feet during a break.

Alive In Stereo - Atari Baby

Alive In Stereo

Atari Baby

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Alice convinces Lewis to keep competing; Alice tells Morgan he's 'fired'.

A Stone's Throw From Rock Bottom

Donna Devine

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Savannah asks her mom if she's talked to the church about the bail money

Avalon - Roxy Music

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Julian puts on music & asks Marti to dance; montage of the marathon dancers decreasing in number; Julian & Marti kiss as they dance; Alice bandages her foot.

Oh Girl (Klubjumpers Radio Mix) - Synnnah

Oh Girl (Klubjumpers Radio Mix)


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Alice & Lewis get back on the dancefloor.

Going To A Go-Go - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

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The marathon drops from four to two couples.

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The marathon participants do a line dance.

Let's Dance - M. Ward

Let's Dance

M. Ward

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Savannah's dad leaves town; Marti & Julian make out; Lewis gives his dad the keys to his new car; Lewis & Alice kiss; Mrs. Monroe is questioned about her husband's disappearance; Dan consoles Savannah; Marti & Julian snuggle in bed.

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Alice & Lewis compete against the last couple in the marathon.


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