The Last Song (2010) Soundtrack

30 Mar 2010





List of Songs

Graveyard GirlM83
Carnival LightsTracey James Marino and Vance Marino
I DisappearThe Faint
Heart of StoneThe Raveonettes
Brooklyn BlursThe Paper Raincoat
New MorningAlpha Rev
Shut Your EyesSnow Patrol
Setting SunEskimo Joe
Bring on the CometsVHS or Beta
She Will Be LovedMaroon 5
Can You TellRa Ra Riot
BerlinBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club
Down the LineJose Gonzalez
I Feel it AllFeist
Canteen SwingHarold Lester
Each Coming NightIron and Wine
When I Look At YouMiley Cyrus
I Hope You Find ItMiley Cyrus
At the FairgroundSteve Cairn and Richard Johnson
Dirt RoadNiklas Aman
A Different Side of MeAllstar Weekend
This is NowFrederick Grant III
Night RacerJean-Michael Haye and Pierre Sylvoz
Broke Down Hearted WonderlandEdwin McCain
No Matter WhatValora
Steve's ThemeAaron Zigman

Official Soundtrack

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guest2 years ago
Does anyone know what's the instrumental song playing at the wedding?? I need to know, please!!!
alkiie_ye4 years ago
Does anyone knows what's the song playing when Will tells Ronnie about his dead brother, it's also played when they flash will sister's wedding! It's not a song, more like an instrumental, i've heard that in so many movies but i can't find it!
catherine.amaris4 years ago
I am wondering about the same song. As I was reading this page of songs, I was looking for that very same song you are asking about. I hope someone will know the answer. I'm guessing it's part of the movie score?
belldowl4 years ago
Does anyone know what song is playing when Ronnie sees Will on the beach in the last scene? It's before When I Look At You but it doesn't seem to be on this list. It sounds really beachy and very accoustic.


Aaron Zigman





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