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30 Mar 2010

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1 Jan 2010


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    BellDowl0 points ago
    Does anyone know what song is playing when Ronnie sees Will on the beach in the last scene? It's before When I Look At You but it doesn't seem to be on this list. It sounds really beachy and very accoustic.
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    catherine.amaris0 points ago
    I am wondering about the same song. As I was reading this page of songs, I was looking for that very same song you are asking about. I hope someone will know the answer. I'm guessing it's part of the movie score?
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    Alkiie_Ye0 points ago
    Does anyone knows what's the song playing when Will tells Ronnie about his dead brother, it's also played when they flash will sister's wedding! It's not a song, more like an instrumental, i've heard that in so many movies but i can't find it!
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    isadoracunha2001@gmail.com0 points ago
    Does anyone know what's the instrumental song playing at the wedding?? I need to know, please!!!
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