Lou Reed - List of Songs

Has 43 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Wilds - Poster
Linh and Gretchen sing karaoke as a last hurrah before the project starts.
American Gods - Poster
Mr. Wednesday gives the Lou Reed jacket to Dvalin; Dvalin fixes the runes on the sword; Black Briar goes on Red Alert.
Doom Patrol - Poster
Dr. Clay gives the Doom Patrol their medication as they see themselves having their photo taken; Vic looks at his programming; Larry looks at an old patch; Rita takes down all her photos; Cliff looks at his daughter's on-line profile.
The Blacklist - Poster
Red destroys his fake IDs as Mr. Kaplan is driven to speak with Alvin Stanton, the U.S. Attorney for District of Columbia.
Bloodline - Poster
The end of the episode when John is driving and he sees Danny's ghost.
Gotham - Poster
Leslie helps Jim ready for the day; Harvey cleans up at a bar; a rival submits to Penguin then Victor shoots him; Barbara “checks” into Arkham, Jerome and the other inmates catch sight of her.
Fear the Walking Dead - Poster
Nick is relaxing in a pool, Travis is taking a jog, Chris fills us in on the past 9 days
Let's Be Cops - Poster
Ryan and Justin walking down the street, dressed as cops, after the party.
Adventureland - Poster
Playing in the car with James and Mike. James says he thinks he in love with Em
Life On Mars - Poster
Ray & Chris pull over Jimmy McManus & end up in the ER; Hunt loads his shotgun as Sam waits for him.
Bones - Poster
Celia Nash stops to watch kids playing soccer before getting back in her minivan, which then explodes.
The Squid and the Whale - Poster
Walt leaves Bernard in the hospital and runs to the Museum of Natural History
Guess Who - Poster
Second song Percy and Simon hear on the radio
Gilmore Girls - Poster
Dean comes over to 'borrow' something.
Lost Highway - Poster
Pete watches Alice leave the car repair shop with Mr. Eddy.
Trainspotting - Poster
Renton overdoses on heroin and is sent to a hospital.