Welshly Arms - List of Songs

Has 23 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Blacklist - Poster
After Cooper puts the idea in his head, Red puts a plan in motion to intercept Kemp's next gun shipment; Cooper and Ressler warn Kemp that his shipment has been targeted.
9-1-1 - Poster
When everyone Firefighter and Pedestrians are all helping to lift the fire truck off of Buck!!!!
Shades of Blue - Poster
Song during the arrest montage.
Lucifer - Poster
Lucifer turns around to find Azrael has disappeared, then he drops by Ella's lab to check on her.
Siren - Poster
Helen sits down at Ted's table and says she hasn't recieved her check for the month; Calvin and Xander sit at the bar having shots, as Ryn walks into the middle of a darts game while watching them.
The Resident - Poster
Devon and Priya embrace each other and kiss.
The Blacklist - Poster
Liz leaves the motel after disposing of Robert's body; Cooper tells Red he'll return his penny if he tells him the truth about the missing item from the evidence locker.
Legends Of Tomorrow - Poster
DC's Legends of Tomorrow "Time Remix" Extended Trailer
The Boy Next Door - Poster
Plays briefly before the day Claire arrives at class to find all the photos.