The Human League - List of Songs

Has 22 songs in the following movies and television shows

Dark - Poster
22 June 1987 - Michael looks around the school yard and sees Hannah.
Escape at Dannemora - Poster
At the bar as they talk about Tilly and the rumour over some beers.
GLOW - Poster
Sam and Ruth dance together after he asks her.
Dynasty - Poster
Fallon talks with Jeff about the plan to take down his father.
iZombie - Poster
Major's order is called at the cafe, he takes a sip of his drink and sees 'Chaos Killer' written on it, then leaves.
Timeless - Poster
Wyatt and Rufus work to keep Claire away from Joel; Wyatt asks Claire if she wants to play a game; Becky flirts with Rufus.
Timeless - Poster
Rufus and Wyatt enact a plan to get Claire's attention on Wyatt, rather than the bartender, Joel.
Master of None - Poster
Dev, Brian, Arnold and Denise talk about Father John Misty and who Dev should invite at a bar.
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty - Poster
The big man is singing this karaoke song in the bar when Walter arrives.
Cyrus - Poster
John hears this song at the party and runs upstairs to dance and sing to it. He gets the whole party dancing with him.
He's Just Not That Into You - Poster
Gigi\'s ringtone, she answers and its her mum whilst shes in the shower.