Cypress Hill - List of Songs

Has 53 songs in the following movies and television shows

Stargirl - Poster
Henry continues watching the videos of his father testing out his mental abilities.
Guns Akimbo - Poster
Miles calls 911 and leaves his phone in a junkyard to summon the police. [1:29] Miles drives away. Plays into the end credits.
9-1-1 Lone Star - Poster
Mateo listen to teams oral information for his test while they test him in the field.
South Park - Poster
Randy and Towelie stop at Burger King where Randy crosses paths with the Impossible Burger which gives him an idea for his cut offs from his weed cuts.
Doom Patrol - Poster
Larry picks up the miniature team; End credits.
Instant Family - Poster
Flashback to when a young Pete plays football with Brian’s dad until he suffers a fatal heart attack.
Mid90s - Poster
Stevie is smoking weed at the kitchen when a girl approaches him and starts talking with him about his friends.
Lethal Weapon - Poster
Two week later, Baja, Mexico - Murtaugh observes Tito Flores while talking to Trish on the phone.
Triple 9 - Poster
Marcus and Chris are at a strip club.
Pitch Perfect 2 - Poster
Fifth song at the riff off final.
Hindsight - Poster
Jamie ignores Lolly's call while playing video games, then rushes out the door.
Ride Along - Poster
James imagines shooting Ben in the chest.
The Wolf of Wall Street - Poster
First song at Jordans huge house party.
This Is the End - Poster
Danny McBride wakes up the following morning, he cooks all the food.
Zero Dark Thirty - Poster
Maya is sitting at the bar drinking when Jack brings her a phone.
Hall Pass - Poster
They get high at the golf course. Fred and Rick sit in the gold buggy talking about soap.
Cop Out - Poster
Poh Boy pulls up to talk to Gabriella but she spits in his face.
8 Mile - Poster
8 Mile2002
Rabbit and the guys arrive at the car park where people are rap battling.
Scary Movie 2 - Poster
Hanson removes the top of Shorty's head/scalp.
Daria - Poster
Jane and Daria discover Andrea working at Pay Day.
Bulworth - Poster
Bulworth watches a car slowly pass by Nina’s house. (1:08) Nina is walking around the neighborhood. (1:12) Bulworth gets into a car with L.D.
The Cable Guy - Poster
The prisoners taunt Steven as the police takes him to his cell.
Hello Ladies - Poster
Stuart drives Wade and Kives to the club. They all listen to this song in the car.