Lit - List of Songs

Has 23 songs in the following movies and television shows

American Reunion - Poster
Stifler quits his job and they go to the reunion.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Alex plays Guitar Hero with Jamie; Mia asks Erin if she knows any curses she can use on Alex; Chase continues drinking in the empty bar; Victoria & Sylvia bond over win.
Clockstoppers - Poster
Zak, Francesca, and Meeker drive home from the club.
Orange County - Poster
Shaun and Lance drive up to the party and tell Ashley to get in the car. Shaun apologises and tell her he loves her when she refuses to get in.
Out Cold - Poster
Inga plays it on the jukebox and dances to it. Also Anna walks into the bar.
American Pie 2 - Poster
Heather arrives at the party and surprises Oz
The Replacements - Poster
Opening Movie Credits
Titan A.E. - Poster
Cale and Akima rebuild the Phoenix.
Roswell - Poster
Max, Michael & Isabel discuss the camera they found in Michael's apartment.
Roswell - Poster
Jennifer confides in Liz about Larry.