John Coltrane - List of Songs

Has 30 songs in the following movies and television shows

Stumptown - Poster
Miles and his father bicker over whether their dinner needs more paprika, then Miles brings up his new client.
Beautiful Boy - Poster
David, under the effects of cocaine, is typing on his computer.
Empire - Poster
Song at the vegan soul food breakfast.
Fifty Shades Darker - Poster
at the birthday of christian
Breaking Bad - Poster
Walt meets Gretchen at a fancy restaurant and pleads for time to "clear this up."
Zodiac - Poster
Robert speaks with Toschi’s wife on the phone. He learns that Toschi has been accused of forging a Zodiac letter.
Gilmore Girls - Poster
Lane listens to this while on the phone with Rory.
Singles - Poster
Pan shot of Steve\'s piled up mail, pizza boxes and other take-out food after quitting his job with the failure of his super train project.