5 Alarm Music - List of Songs

Has 57 songs in the following movies and television shows

New Amsterdam - Poster
Vic shows Max a video when he was younger playing the piano as he tells him the only thing he wants more than cured is the play the piano once again; (repeats) [0:54] Floyd calls his sister to inform her that he found their father; Lauren and Leyla find themselves bonding over their shared experience from their day which sparks something inside them, they share a kiss; Max broods re-watches Vic video when Helen calls him.
Dynasty - Poster
Blake "runs" into Cristal at LaMirage and informs her he'll be staying there.
Legends Of Tomorrow - Poster
Zari hacks Dion's playlist; Charlie and Astra announce the party at Delta Chi Sigma.
Batwoman - Poster
Jacob listens to "Prelude Bach's Cello Suite No. 1" when Sophie comes into his office to fill him on the report about Alice's escape when he tells her that it was the song Alice was playing when he called to taunt him and that it was his and Beth's song; (repeats) Jacob cries in his office; Vesper Fairchild reports on the Bat's taken down of Magpie.
The Blacklist - Poster
Atlantic City, NJ - A woman comes up to Henry in a diner and tells him his luck just changed.
Criminal - Poster
Dr. Francis is listening to music in his office.
Bitten - Poster
The Albino cleans up and sets up for a romantic dinner; continues as the Albino sets up an alarm by his door, then heads out.
Supernatural - Poster
Dean and Sam chat with Mason at the Bed and Breakfast, then check into the room the couple was killed in.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
Episode 705 'Live Through This' promo. The composers of this song are Jai Freedom Lewis & Kevin Skaggs.
Supernatural - Poster
Rowena tries to sell a pair of witches on joining her Mega Coven.
Supernatural - Poster
Cas looks at the Fortune Nookie website.
Supernatural - Poster
Dean & Sam go through the pharmacist's belongings and discover he watches the The Reverend Buddy Boyle show.
Supernatural - Poster
Cas goes to wash his clothes at a laundromat.
Being Human - Poster
Bishop & Aidan fight; Bishop tells Aidan to control Josh.
Hellcats - Poster
The team watches Jemma Linkletter & the Western Tennessee State Mustang's bid video.
Hellcats - Poster
Marti annouces to the Hellcats that she & Lewis are dating.
True Blood - Poster
Andy interrupts the guys as they talk about Miss Jeanette's wounds.
Friday Night Lights - Poster
Landry talks to his teammates at a party.
Life - Poster
Questioning Dale. (NBC Rewind)
Life - Poster
Arrival at the crime scene; Crews searches the woods behind the house. (NBC Rewind).