Judas Priest - List of Songs

Has 20 songs in the following movies and television shows

Metal Lords - Poster
Hunter asks Kevin if he knows what polyrhythms are; [Voice-over of Kevin talking about Hunter wanting him to play metal music when doesn't formerly know how] Montage of 'heavy metal'.
Cobra Kai - Poster
Johnny and Daniel start the first ever training together with a montage.
Good Boys - Poster
Max shoots the frat boys with the paintball as the boys try to escape.
9-1-1 - Poster
At a muscle competition one of the contestants becomes stuck in a double bicep pose.
Bad Teacher - Poster
Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) drives crazily out of the school parking lot at in her sports car.
Bad Teacher - Poster
Elizabeth's roommate crashes his scooter into the test administrator's car and proceeds to try to scare him.
Adventureland - Poster
Some customers find out the game is rigged and chase James through the park.
Bride Of Chucky - Poster
Chucky shoots down a police car while the police officer is still in it, the car then crashes into a fence and Chucky laughs manically