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Deadpool 2 Soundtrack

17 May 2018

62 liked songs • 288.3k views • composed by Tyler Bates

Deadpool forms a new team, the X-Force to protect a kid from Cable who has come from a possible future timeline to kill the boy. The original Deadpool 2 soundtrack and score is composed by Tyler Bates, while the music supervisor from the first instalment, John Houlihan will reprise his role for this sequel.

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Official Soundtrack

Deadpool 2 - Official Soundtrack
Deadpool 2 (Original Motion Picture Score)22 songs
11 May 2018
Deadpool 2 - Official Soundtrack
Deadpool 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)12 songs
18 May 2018

Trailer Music


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    elvinterairuzvidzo@gmail.com0 points ago
    Whem wade meets wth vanessa,,,,whats the name of the specific song which was playing ....i knw its ashes can I find it
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    ovensby@gmail.com0 points ago
    What song plays in the sheriff Deadpool scene of the trailer?
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    bob_becker0 points ago
    I know it's a reprise of the Celine Dion Song but when Wade makes into heaven and Cable saves him by turning back time, who is singing the Ashes song and where is it available?
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    michael_player2 points ago
    What that fight dirty song from the fight scene once colossus joins the fight?
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