Leonard Cohen - List of Songs

Has 55 songs in the following movies and television shows

Roswell, New Mexico - Poster
Rosa finds Wyatt in the Long family barn where they discuss their problems together then helps them resolve the issues their currently having.
Your Honor - Poster
First song as the wrongly convicted teen, spends his first night in prison.
I'll Be Gone in the Dark - Poster
Cover of Avalanche is used as the theme song.
Castle Rock - Poster
The citizens of Castle Rock gather and start walking to Marsten House.
American Animals - Poster
When the FBI raids the group’s houses.
The Blacklist - Poster
Liz runs through the woods, then pauses to set off an animal trap; montage of Liz returning to her cabin and doing everyday tasks.
The Infiltrator  - Poster
Javier Ospina drives to the airport to meet Robert.
The Fundamentals of Caring - Poster
Ben dresses Trevor as he stares at Dot from inside the hotel room.
The Americans - Poster
Paige goes to the hospital to visit Tim and Alice's baby.
Hunt for the Wilderpeople - Poster
Ricky and Hec say goodbye to Zag and flee from their pursuers
iZombie - Poster
Peyton shows up at Liv's place and asks if she knows Blaine, then admits she slept with him; Ravi continues searching the field; Major tells Ravi that he returned Minor to his owner; Drake asks Liv if everything is okay.
Wild - Poster
Bobbi and Cheryl talk at home after their first day of college.
Cult - Poster
Skye's dad utters the Cult catch phrase; the cast & crew gather around an ailing Roger.
The First Time - Poster
Aubrey plays this song from her record collection for Dave as they drink wine.
Revenge - Poster
Victoria is looking at paintings at the loft.
Take This Waltz - Poster
Montage as Margot and Daniel live together.
The Art of Getting By - Poster
George lies in bed listening to this song on his ipod on repeat.
Barney's Version - Poster
Barney listens to Miriam on the radio. She plays this song over the radio as Barney cuts up onions in the kitchen.
Barney's Version - Poster
Barney is listening to Miriam again on the radio. She plays this song.
Parenthood - Poster
Haddie plays it loudly in her room.
The Boat That Rocked - Poster
Carl is saddened after he finds Marianne with Doctor Dave. They others try to cheer him up with biscuits.
Watchmen - Poster
Song when Dan and Laurie have sex.
Watchmen - Poster
Second song played in end credits.
Life - Poster
Pluots & interrogation; snake hunting.
Veronica Mars - Poster
Veronica & Logan's pillow talk about their histories.