Radiohead - List of Songs

Has 104 songs in the following movies and television shows

Artemis Fowl - Poster
Song from the official trailer.
Ozark - Poster
At the rest stop earlier; (repeats) at the end.
Roswell, New Mexico - Poster
Liz restarts her experiment; Alex drops by the hospital to see his dad, just in time to see him have a seizure; Max asks Rosa to pull his body out of the pod; Isobel ingests some of the alien toxin; Rosa starts drinking to quiet Max.
Waves - Poster
Final scene of the film. Emily fully begins to move on from her grief by making connections with those in her life.
Titans - Poster
Hank goes to a bar and orders a Diet Coke; Garth leaves a message for Dick while the news reports on Conner's attack; Dick takes down a pair of airport security guards; end credits.
The Goldfinch - Poster
Boris and Theo are in the pool; Theo experiences a flashback to the explosion
Black Mirror - Poster
Smithereen puts Chris on hold, it is the hold music
iZombie - Poster
The suicide bomber makes a run at a Fillmore-Graves checkpoint.
The Umbrella Academy - Poster
Hazel is unable to shoot Cha Cha; Allison drives out the Jenkins cabin; Diego paces his cell; Five awakens; Vanya checks on Leonard.
Westworld - Poster
Bernard follows Dolores up the stairs to begin their work; end credits.
Legion - Poster
Syd and David lie in bed together; Syd tells Clark that she's going after David.
For The People - Poster
Leonard informs Kate that he already accepted the job in Texas, then she tells him she needs to leave; Allison goes back to Toby's place and kisses him; Kate shows up at Seth's place and they watch a movie together; Judge Byrne tells Sandra she's worthy.
Beyond - Poster
Luke ignites the fuel with a gunshot, then he and Willa make a run for it; the standoff between Borden, Tess and the Yellow Jacket Man is interrupted by an explosion from the fire; fire engulfs the cryochamber; Willa and Luke holds hands while watching the fire burn.
Legion - Poster
The team rushes through the forest to meet Melanie at her car; they arrive to find all the guards slaughtered outside the Division 3 building, then head inside and rush downstairs as an alarm blares.
Westworld - Poster
Can be heard on the player piano in the saloon at the beginning of the episode.
Westworld - Poster
An orchaestral version can be heard as Maeve visits the upper floors.
Black Mirror - Poster
Kenny is found by the police. Outro music.
Quantico - Poster
Montage of various people receiving post-it notes with a time code; Alex finds one of the post-its on her computer screen.
Quantico - Poster
Owen wishes the recruits luck; Lydia brings her father, Owen, a package from Malate; Ryan gets acquainted with his new roommate; Alex arrives at her room to find her roommate in tears; in a year, Alex rushes to the G20 meeting as the Citizens Liberation Front goes to behead the President's wife.
Rock Dog - Poster
Bodi finds out that Scattergood has taken full credit for the song that he helped make and becomes depressed.
Community - Poster
Shirley's boys are singing this at the beginning of the episode.
Prisoners - Poster
Final song the forensic team are listening to as they dig at the crime scene.
Covert Affairs - Poster
Eyal tells Annie she's an amazing woman, then she thanks him for his help.
The 100 - Poster
Abby contacts Jaha on the remains of the Ark, then tries to describe what the Earth is like; Kane joins Abby outside and they spot a column of smoke; Jaha makes a toast to the survivors on Earth; The 100 exit their ship to survey the damage.
50/50 - Poster
Adam finds out he has cancer.
Something Borrowed - Poster
Rachel walks out on Dex into the rain. She tells him to make a decision. She has a flashback and runs back to the bar and says i love you.
Chuck - Poster
The team discovers that Hartley is Volkoff; Casey tells them they can't go against whoever covered up creating Volkoff; Chuck tells Ellie that maybe their dad's plan was just to have them work together; Casey hides away Hartley's spy will.
Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl - Poster
Raquel runs away from home.
Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl - Poster
Raquel cries because she can't fit in (after her mother asks her about the earrings).
Life As We Know It - Poster
Eric is singing this song to the baby.
Incendies - Poster
Song plays over the opening scene as we see child soldiers having their heads shaved.
House M.D. - Poster
Montage of House in his room at the psychatric hospital.
Whip It - Poster
Oliver drives Bliss home. She removes her top and gives it to him. He does the same with his jacket.
Brothers And Sisters - Poster
Kevin tells Kitty that Robert killed the story; Nora gets a call from Ryan; David meets Rebecca for her flight.
Life - Poster
"Dude"; Rayborn's party.
Twilight - Poster
First end credits song.
Life - Poster
Ames & Farthingale funerals.
The O.C. - Poster
Seth & Ryan call Kirsten & Sandy; Ryan texts Seth for help. Repeats later as Seth & Ryan are walking; Ryan starts blacking-out & Seth goes for help.
A Scanner Darkly - Poster
Baris shows Charles how to extract cocaine.
A Scanner Darkly - Poster
Donna drives the incapacitated Bob to the New Path clinic.
A Scanner Darkly - Poster
Bob and Donna talk in their convertible about Baris.
A Scanner Darkly - Poster
Baris, Ernie and Bob talk about famous imposters.
The O.C. - Poster
This song plays at the end of the episode. A heartbroken Summer rips up her college collage and is consoled by Marissa. Seth and Ryan sit silently in the pool house, defeated.
Six Feet Under - Poster
The Fishers decide to make a bonfire out of their possessions that didn't sell at the garage sale.
Clueless - Poster
Travis meets Tai at the cafeteria lunch line
Clueless - Poster
Josh is visiting and listening to college radio, much to Cher's dismay.