Giacomo Puccini - List of Songs

Has 27 songs in the following movies and television shows

Rebel - Poster
Cruz turns on music in his office after leaving the deposition meeting and begins to let his rage, anger and sorrow after his realization; Rebel explains to Ziggy that Cruz needs to be alone to allow him to take in his realization about Sharon, Stonemore and the heart valve.
Motive - Poster
Flashback to Avery asking Courtney if she told anyone her secret, then Courtney revealing she's also being blackmailed, but can't afford to pay; repeats [0:56] as Courtney causes Avery to have an allergic reaction and takes away her EpiPen; Avery drives off.
40 Days and 40 Nights - Poster
Ryan is at the bar telling a woman he is celibate so he can connect better with his feelings. He later has sex with her back at their house.
Six Feet Under - Poster
Nate has dinner outside with Margaret & Bernard.
The Boondock Saints - Poster
Agent Smecker is going through the alley in order to figure out what happened to the Russians.