Enya - List of Songs

Has 40 songs in the following movies and television shows

Better Nate Than Ever - Poster
Nate and Libby arrive in Manhattan/New York City for the Big Time.
The Thing About Pam - Poster
(Pam's dream) Pam dreams herself the star of court trail.
Living With Yourself - Poster
Miles is put under for his operation/surgery. Song plays again in end credits.
Deadpool 2 - Poster
Russell releases Juggernaut; the truck crashes.
Eighth Grade - Poster
Kayla scrolls through various social media posts when she gets a DM on Instagram from Kennedy, inciting her to attend her birthday party.
Black Mirror - Poster
when Jo Powers is reading dirty comments on the internet
Masterminds - Poster
David and Jandice take many pictures in the same setting with different poses and once they take their last photograph for the evening, Jandice flatulates onto David's postier
Limitless - Poster
Brian plays soothing music to get Mr. Y to finally fall asleep.
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - Poster
Julien see\'s the bear for the first time and falls in love as she eats fish from the barrel.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - Poster
Martin plays this song while Mikael is tied up in his basement.
Haven - Poster
The Glendower men head into the water as Penny offers Mary comfort and Audrey & Nathan watch.
Knocked Up - Poster
Music playing while Allison is in the bath
Gilmore Girls - Poster
Lorelai's facial is interrupted by Emily.
Alias - Poster
Syd explains to Vaughn how "the truth changes everything" and laments over the loss of parents and illusions.
Friends - Poster
Chandler is relaxing in the bath.