AC/DC - List of Songs

Has 105 songs in the following movies and television shows

The King's Man - Poster
Official Trailer - Final Trailer; Evil Trailer; The Legends Trailer
For All Mankind - Poster
Jamestown 91 crew arrives at the Moon
Zombieland 2: Double Tap - Poster
They go to the ride and they killing zombies
Spider-Man: Far from Home - Poster
Happy chooses the track on his jet while Peter gets ready to make his new suit.
Cobra Kai - Poster
Johnny picking Miguel up to go to school
Titans - Poster
Angela picks up Kory down the road from where the train stopped.
Titans - Poster
Rachel wanders off and finds Larry cooking in the kitchen; Gar and Larry vote against Cliff to let Rachel stay for dinner.
Overlord - Poster
Song from the Overlord official trailer.
Deadpool 2 - Poster
The X-Force jump off the helicopter
Only The Brave - Poster
Eric gathers his crew to assist in the Cave Creek Complex fire north of Phoenix.
Training Day - Poster
Franks team go up against the cartel.
Sleepy Hollow - Poster
Diane and Ichabod argue over what water monster they are about to battle.
The Blacklist - Poster
A car crashes in Paris, then two individuals take off the driver's prosthetic leg and remove it's contents.
Suicide Squad - Poster
Song that plays during Captain Boomerang's backstory.
Kung Fu Panda 3 - Poster
Song from teaser trailer
Daddy's Home - Poster
At the airport, Brad's family spots Dusty.
Sleepy Hollow - Poster
Jenny & Ichabod arrive at a bar to ask Hawley for his help.
Grudge Match - Poster
Razor walks out to this song.
Delivery Man - Poster
After he opens the envelope, David goes to the basketball to watch his son.
Battleship - Poster
Rimpac begins as the ships depart.
Battleship - Poster
They prepare the old war battle ship to take the seas.
The Muppets - Poster
Montage as they continue driving and pick up the rest of the muppets.
The Smurfs - Poster
Patrick and the smurfs go to find Gargamel in Central Park
Bridesmaids - Poster
During the tennis match between Annie and Helen.
Megamind - Poster
After Megamind defeats and kills Metroman and they walk through the streets. Minion plays it on his stereo.
Megamind - Poster
Megamind searches the streets and waits to fight Titan.
Grown Ups - Poster
When they play arrow roulette and run around trying to dodge the arrow.
Iron Man 2 - Poster
when the Senator hands over the medals to tony stark and col. Rhodes and the end-credits start rolling
Iron Man 2 - Poster
Featured in the extended trailer for Iron Man 2
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief - Poster
percy and his friends get on the bus on the start of their journey to visit Hades.
Supernatural - Poster
Season 4 recap at beginning of episode.
Sex Drive - Poster
Rex is waiting in his car for Ian, telling him to get in, but keeps driving away.
Supernatural - Poster
The Impala is back on the road.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - Poster
Cal moves up the field to help Ricky beat Jean and they perform the sling-shot
Supernatural - Poster
Dean checks his car for damage; the guys drive back to Sam's.
Supernatural - Poster
Dean puts in an 8-track; the guys arrive in Jericho.
The School of Rock - Poster
Dewey quotes this song before their battle of bands performance.
The School of Rock - Poster
Last song as the school of rock plays an encore. Plays into end credits at Dewey's After School rock program.
The School of Rock - Poster
The third song Dewey gets Zack to play.
The School of Rock - Poster
Dewey assigns the kids roles in the band.
Alias - Poster
Syd struts in black and red lingerie.
A Knight's Tale - Poster
William wins the jousting final and kisses Jocelyn. Continues into end credits.
Empire Records - Poster
Joe plays the drums in his office as the others dance outside.
The Karate Kid - Poster
Dre finally kicks the bell and the tournament starts.
Sixteen Candles - Poster
Music playing in Mike's bedroom.