Blondie - List of Songs

Has 87 songs in the following movies and television shows

House of Gucci - Poster
Paolo is on the phone at the airport and runs into Aldo.
Stumptown - Poster
Dex pulls up at Lucy Chen's house; continues as Dex drives off after talking to Lucy.
Mindhunter - Poster
Over drinks, Wendy and Bill discuss how Holden's panic attacks could cause problems in the interviews.
Dynasty - Poster
Montage of Fallon pitching a book idea to various publishers.
Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina - Poster
Roz and Sabrina run down the hallway after getting their club approved, then grab Susie to tell her about their club plans.
Ready Player One - Poster
Parzival is surrounded by fans in the Oasis.
Pitch Perfect 3 - Poster
song used in the riffoff under Artists you didn't know were jewish.
Batman and Harley Quinn - Poster
Second song at the karaoke bar, Harley Quinn sings along to this song.
The Handmaid's Tale - Poster
Flashback to June pulling Moira away from a protest, just before the police start firing; Moira and June take cover in a cafe.
T2 Trainspotting - Poster
Spud plays this song on the jukebox as he cleans up Simon's pub. Mark and Veronika have sex.
Everybody Wants Some!! - Poster
The arcade. Jake demonstrates his secret to winning the Space Invaders game.
Holding The Man - Poster
Tim moves out of his parents' home and into his own apartment.
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp - Poster
Ben and Mckinley kiss after their zoot suit performance.
The Skeleton Twins - Poster
opening scene with Milo drinking Vodka
If I Stay - Poster
Song at the New Years Eve party.
The Carrie Diaries - Poster
George offers Carrie a ride and a hot chocolate; Sebastian catches Carrie when she trips on the stairs at school; George helps Carrie put stamps on envelopes at the law firm.
Shame - Poster
Second song at the bar. David takes the girl up to dance with him, even though she is clearly more keen on Brendan.
Super 8 - Poster
The gas station attendant listens to his walkman. He continues jamming to the song while the attack happens outside where Sherrif Pruitt gets taken.
Bridesmaids - Poster
First song as Annie (Kristen Wiig) leaves Ted's house and climbs over his fence.
Supernatural - Poster
Sam and Dean walk down the street looking for "Fate".
Glee - Poster
 Will bumps into April at the roller arena.
Zack and Miri Make A Porno - Poster
Song when Miri smiles and jumps on the coffee beans after her and Zach finish their scene
Ugly Betty - Poster
Flashback as Wilhelmina tells Amanda about her father based on something seen at Studio 54.
The Heartbreak Kid - Poster
Lila singing on the road trip to Cabo
Mean Girls - Poster
Cady and Janis try to sabotage Regina by giving her foot cream for her face. They cut holes in her bra and she unintentionally starts a trend. AND when they try to make Aaron catch Regina in the projection room.
Gilmore Girls - Poster
Jess & Jimmy talk near the beach.
The Rules of Attraction - Poster
Lara (Jessica Beil) is getting ready in front of the mirror while Lauren looks at a book on the bed. They talk about the pill.
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo - Poster
Antoine drives up in his car with a woman. Deuce (Rob Schneider) looks on in awe, as Antoine takes the girl into his house.
Bride Of Chucky - Poster
When Tiffany is getting a makeover
Donnie Brasco - Poster
Second song playing on the boat. People are dancing while Lefty tells Donnie he's disgusted with him.
Donnie Brasco - Poster
Donnie Brasco and Lefty tow away their new Porsche