Metallica - List of Songs

Has 39 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Flash - Poster
As he chases after Deathstorm and a kidnapped Caitlin, Flash attempts to run on lighting; Deathstorm portals away with Caitlin, Chester attempts to locate for Barry.
Zombieland 2: Double Tap - Poster
They are listen to Metallica and they kill zombies and fighting to the zombies
Triple Frontier - Poster
First song as the helicopter flies over somewhere in Mexico for a mission.
Triple Frontier - Poster
Final song, plays into end credits.
Escape at Dannemora - Poster
Sweat plays this tape in his cell.
The Punisher - Poster
Official trailer.
Stranger Things - Poster
Billy listens to some music while smoking and getting ready for his date. His father and step-mum enter his room concerned for Max's whereabouts.
Supernatural - Poster
Recap; Comic Con 2017 - Season 13 trailer.
Only The Brave - Poster
Crew 7 sing along to this song as they drive to the wildfire at the Grand Canyon.
The Devil's Candy - Poster
First song as Jesse Hellman is working on a commission.
X-Men: Apocalypse - Poster
The four mutants are recruited by En Sabah Nur.
Daddy's Home - Poster
Dusty Stepdaughter's father, Roger, arrives on a motorcycle. Dusty realises that he is in the same position that he put Brad in a year ago.
The Big Short - Poster
Burry is blasting this song in his office as Lawrence Fields and his associate enters his office.
The Big Short - Poster
Michael Burry is listening to music at his computer while he receives angry emails from Scion Capital Investors.
Hellion - Poster
Wes and Jacob are dancing on the couches when a police officer arrives.
Project X - Poster
After the drug dealer sets everything on fire. The helicopter tries to put the house fire out as everyone swarms the streets.
House M.D. - Poster
House tries to get Jordin to drum along to a Metallica video.
Zombieland - Poster
Plays during opening credits during the slow motion shots.
Supernatural - Poster
Hummed by Dean after introducing himself as James Hetfield.
The School of Rock - Poster
Dewey sneaks the kids out of school for the Battle of the Bands audition.
Smallville - Poster
Clark takes over the bank robbery from the Clown Robbers.
Old School - Poster
They're picking up their pledges in the black van.
Mission Impossible 2 - Poster
First song in the end credits.
Any Given Sunday - Poster
After the win against the Crusaders the team are celebrating their win in the locker room when the O-Line heavy metal heads play this song over the rap being played