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Get Him to the Greek (2010) Soundtrack

4 Jun 2010





Get Him to the Greek, released on 4 Jun 2010, consists of a playlist of 50 credited songs, from various artists including New York Dolls, Russell Brand and Infant Sorrow. The original score is composed by Lyle Workman.

List of Songs

Personality CrisisNew York Dolls
Inside Of YouRussell Brand
African Child (Trapped in Me)Infant Sorrow
Supertight (ft. Aldous Snow)Jackie Q
Gang of LustInfant Sorrow
Just Say YesInfant Sorrow
Fuck Your Shit UpJumbo Shrimp
And Ghosted PoutsThe Mars Volta
London CallingThe Clash
Another Girl, Another PlanetThe Only Ones
Strict MachineGoldfrapp
Chocolate DaddyChocolate Daddy
Anarchy in the U.K.Sex Pistols
Blind MedicineLyle Workman
The ClapInfant Sorrow
Love TodayMika
Heureux Tous Les Doux (Happy Together)Frank Alamo
Licky (Work it Out)Larry Tee and Princess Superstar
Cretin HopRamones
Stop Drop and RollFoxboro Hottubs
Fuck Me I'm FamousDougal and Gammer
Ring 'RoundJackie Q
Ain't That a Kick In the HeadDean Martin
Girls on the Dance Floor (ft. 24/8)Far East Movement FM
Can't We Be FriendsPete Jolly Trio
Come On EileenDexy's Midnight Runners
20th Century BoyT-Rex
Yeah Yeah Oi OiInfant Sorrow
Touch My BodyMariah Carey
Going UpInfant Sorrow
Bangers, Beans and MashInfant Sorrow
Furry WallsInfant Sorrow
Little BirdInfant Sorrow
Magnolia SoulOzomatli
Blue FarouqCharlie Rouse Quintet
Mama Made Me a PimpKennedy
'Deed I DoSammy Davis Jr.
T'Ain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)Fun Boy Three and Bananarama
Rocks OffThe Rolling Stones
Ghosts n Stuffdeadmau5

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