The Clash - List of Songs

Has 76 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Resident - Poster
Bell and Kit welcome their friends and family to their engagement party at Peter Bros Bar; a toast is had for Bell and Kit; Dev picks a song on the jukebox when Leela comes over to talk.
9-1-1 Lone Star - Poster
Defending a wounded Nancy during the game am all out fight brawl breaks out between the firefighters and police officers in which a news team films; Pearce runs for the hills avoiding the fight.
Titans - Poster
A barista comments on Garth's recent absence.
Stumptown - Poster
Dex and Hoffman rush into Kane's warehouse; Hoffman chases Kane onto the roof.
Pennyworth - Poster
The military take over the streets and order the citizens into their homes.
Titans - Poster
San Francisco, Three Months Later - While getting coffee, Rachel asks Dick what their team will be called
The Boys - Poster
Hughie heads for the back of the electronics store as Billy fights Translucent.
Patrick Melrose - Poster
Soundtrack from the Patrick Melrose trailer.
Stranger Things - Poster
Jonathan plays a song that he and Will first listened to together: They then distract him while Chief Hopper figures out the Morse Code with Dustin, Lucas and Max.
Stranger Things - Poster
After telling her mom she's staying at Stacey's overnight, Nancy heads outside to join Jonathan.
Atomic Blonde - Poster
Days after her interview, Lorraine goes to Paris for a final encounter with Bremovych.
20th Century Women - Poster
Jamie and Julie lie in bed. Jamie attempts to lift up Julie’s skirt but she pushes his hand away. She tells Jamie why they can’t have sex. Dorothea and William work on renovating the house.
Lucifer - Poster
Chloe tells Lucifer to turn the music back on, then they dance as Charlotte and Linda watch.
Stranger Things - Poster
Jonathan hears this song in his car and it reminds him of Will; [0:47] repeats as Joyce finds the stereo playing in Will's room.
Stranger Things - Poster
Joyce tries to call her son out while playing this song.
The Conjuring 2 - Poster
intro in london, england, 1977
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb - Poster
Scenes of London from when Larry decides to go there with Ackh and his son. Taking the tablet to the London Museum.
The Carrie Diaries - Poster
Carrie talks about boundaries while running into problems in Manhattan.
21 Jump Street - Poster
Schmidt and Jenko are at the training academy and graduate.
Wanderlust - Poster
During end credits and outtakes.
Killer Elite - Poster
Davies (Dominic Purcell) arrives at an S.A.S. H.Q. in Hereford, in a truck.
Get Him to the Greek - Poster
After Aaron has a fight with his girlfriend. Aaron flies to London to pick up Aldous Snow.
Iron Man 2 - Poster
When Tony Stark is kinda practicing boxing with Happy Hogan(Jon Favreau) before natalie steps in..
Iron Man 2 - Poster
The first time Stark is in his lab in the movie and Pepper comes in.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Meredith, Derek, Cristina & Owen head out for Valentine's Day but are paged back to the hospital.
(500) Days of Summer - Poster
Tom sings Karaoke on his date with the girl he doesn't like.
Knocked Up - Poster
Song when Alison & Debbie are running through the store looking for pregnancy testers
Stranger Than Fiction - Poster
Song in bakery when Harold is asking Ana questions.
The School of Rock - Poster
Dewey get's kicked out of his band. He tries to sell his Gibson guitar when Horace Green school calls and he pretends to be Ned.
Gilmore Girls - Poster
Second song Lane's band plays.
The Royal Tenenbaums - Poster
Song playing in the car with Eli and Margot. He tells her that Richie is in love with her.
The Royal Tenenbaums - Poster
Richie and Royal approach Eli about his drug addiction.
Friends - Poster
Joey and Chandler arrive in London.
Grosse Point Blank - Poster
martin arrives in town, drives past debi as she's doing the radio show. welcome back pointers.