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Black Lightning Soundtrack [2018]

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Episode 16

Episode 16 • The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega

Drowning In the Sea of Love

Joe Simon


Chapter intro; Gambi rushes to help Jennifer and is confronted by a gun-wielding Lala; Perenna gives Jennifer advice on how to take control of her powers; Jennifer comes to and finds an unconscious Gambi next to her.

Something's Got to Give

Beastie Boys


Jennifer and Annisa take Gambi back to his lair; Black Lightning finds the Pod Kids in Tobias' hideout, then call Lynn to meet him.

Hi Ruth!

Gene Ammons


Tobias talks to his sister's picture as Cutter comes in to tell him about the violent incidents she's started throughout Freeland.

Little Child Runnin' Wild - Curtis Mayfield

Little Child Runnin' Wild

Curtis Mayfield


Tobias gleefully tells Tori that the city is burning down; Heatstroke and New Wave on the police as Black Lightning and Thunder arrive to take them on; continues as Lala tells Black Lighting he's only concerned with killing Tobias.


Reverend Holt tells his guys to let some new comers into the church, then tells his congregration he wants his church to serve as a safe haven during the riots.

The Look of Love

Isaac Hayes


Tobias complains to Cutter about the Black Lightning's interference and the police's failure to overreact; Cutter ends up leaving after a disagreement with Tobias; Lynn arrives at the pods just as Tobias releases the rest of the Pod Kids.

Theme From Cleopatra Jones

Joe Simon


Lala finds Tobias talking to Tori's portrait, then attempts to shot him, but Tobias catches the bullet, forces Lala to drop the gun, then beats him to death; Jennifer bursts through Tobias' window and uses her powers on him.


Reverend Holt praises God for sending their community Black Lightning; Henderson drives down the street looking at the chaos around him; Odell checks on his newly acquired Pod Kids; Tobias is locked up in a metahuman prison called 'The Pit'; as they make dinner, Jennifer tells Lynn that she's proud of her; Jefferson tells his family how much he worries about them and wishes they could quit what they're doing.

Best of My Love - The Emotions

Best of My Love

The Emotions

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The Pierces start dancing around to music, when Odell appears and says he knows who they all are.



4 years ago

There is one track missing that I'm really looking for. The one where Jennifer helps Gambi turn back on the generator in Season 2 epsidoe 16. What is it?

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