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Think (About It)

Lyn Collins

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The Get Down • s1e2




Hey, fellas I'm talking to you, you and you too Do you guys know who I'm talking to? Those of you who go out and stay Out all night and half the next day And expect us to be home When you get there But let me tell you something The sisters are not going for that no more 'Cause we realize two things That you aren't doing anything for us We can better do by ourselves So from now on, we gonna use What we got to get what we want So, you'd better think, think Now's the time when we have everything That's the thing I never will forget Now baby, I got a lot to live And a whole lotta loving That a woman could give, yeah But before I give it up, I gotta think, think What the future holds for me Just go ahead and see I don't need no heartache I can't stand no misery Let me think, think It takes two to make a thing go right It takes two to make it outta sight All right, yeah Don't say it's easy Just plain living Sometimes it's kinda tough If it's not in your vision Don't make no decision Hey, yeah, all right So, I'm laying my cards on the table When it comes to taking care of me I know I'm able You may not call it true But I won't do nothing that you won't do Said I won't do nothing that you won't do So think about the good things Come on and think about the right things You got to think about me too Come on and think, think about you Come on and think about the good things Come on and think about the right things Come on and think about me too

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