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Episode 1

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Season 6

Episode 1 • Let The Games Begin

In the Air Tonight - Natalie Taylor

In the Air Tonight

Natalie Taylor


9-1-1 Season 6 Official Trailer; 9-1-1 Season 6 First Look Preview

High Hopes - Panic! At the Disco


Two Zip Parcel blimp pilots discuss their personal lives as head over Cal-M Stadium for that game.

LA Is Lonely - Ricky Manning

LA Is Lonely

Ricky Manning


At his home, Buck makes Bobby's Famous lasagna for Eddie and Christopher as the two play Boogle; Buck brings up the subject on Bobby overlooking him and Eddie interim captain during his vacation and the thoughts on it; Christopher brings up the subject of Buck not having a couch after six months.

Hold On - Wilson Phillips


Montage of Hands on a Hardbody contest over 28hrs before down to the last contestants until medical attention is needed.


(Instrumental) Chimney and Maddie's movie finishes causing Maddie to awaken after falling asleep during the course of the movie.


Taking Josh's advice as her and Chimney's movie ends, Maddie opens herself and tells Chimney about her feelings for him which leads the two to becoming romantic.




Hen takes the captains seat after agreeing to be interim Captain of the Fire house while Bobby is away, she calls Karen to inform her of possible lateness at returning home then starts paper work; Christopher and Eddie begin another game of Boogle; Buck rearranges his furniture and living room without a couch; Maddie moves in with Chimney and Jee-Yun, informing Jee-Yun that she's staying not leaving.


Axel (GUEST)

5 months ago

Hello, could you help me find a song from this series? It's from the recap promo before season 6 came out

0 replies

John (GUEST)

2 years ago

Agree with the other person that commented on here what was the last song of the episode with shine in it it can't be found anywhere or isn't listed in the list of music

1 replies

Glenda (GUEST)

3 months ago

It’s 3/2024 and this song is still MIA!

Eck1 (GUEST)

2 years ago

What is the song at the end of the episode. Shine

2 replies


2 years ago

I also would like to know the name & artist of the last song which appears to have the Chorus; When daylight comes going to see you shine Going to shine stand up and be a light Nobody does you, like you you you Don't let them steal your shine

Midiah (GUEST)

2 years ago

Wilsn is the young lady. Been looking for the song as well. It's not on Spotify yet but three of her other songs are.

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