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Sons Of Anarchy Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 1

Episode 1 • Albification

Slip Kid

Anvil ft Franky Perez

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The Club tries out some automatic weapons; Opie drives down the highway; Tara operates; Bobby is taken out of his jail cell; Piney drops off his grandkids at school; Gemma sees Unser in the chapel at the hospital.

The Devil - The Hangmen

The Devil

The Hangmen

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The guys discuss their gun problem & Opie's return.

Wucan - Black Mountain

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Opie returns to the clubhouse and is greeted by Clay and the others; Jax informs Piney that he talked to Hale about keeping Opie in the dark.

Lil' Death - Imperial Crowns

Lil' Death

Imperial Crowns

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Gemma comments on Clay's lack of map skills, then asks how things went with Opie.

Leda Atomica - Year Long Disaster

Leda Atomica

Year Long Disaster

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Jax returns to the meeting room to talk with Clay and tells him the patsy for Donna's murder better deserve to die.

Fly Back Home - Five Horse Johnson

Fly Back Home

Five Horse Johnson

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Half-Sack walks in on Gemma & Clay having sex in the clubhouse; Clay tells Gemma he would be lost without her.

Nothing To Cry About - Toadies

Nothing To Cry About


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Tig fills Clay in on what happened with the Mayan; Piney tells Opie he needs to go home and see his kids; Aryan League members drop by the party to advise Clay to stop dealing guns to the local gangs.

Radiation Day

Monster Magnet

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Jax & Opie chase down the Mayan that Clay said was responsible for Donna's death, with Tig & Chibs as their back-up.

Step Up (I'm On It) - Maylene & the Sons of the Disaster

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Bobby arrives at his welcome home party; Clay thanks Stahl for dropping off Bobby.

The World Is Spinning On Its Side Today - Michael Sackler-Berner

The World Is Spinning On Its Side Today

Michael Sackler-Berner

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As Gemma is driving home, a woman pulls up behind her and begs for help with her child.

Girl From The North Country - The Lions

Girl From The North Country

The Lions

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Gemma comes to handcuffed to a chain link fence; Opie looks in on his kids; Tara joins Jax in bed; Tig & Clay agree everything will work out; Gemma is raped by a group of masked men, then is given a message for Clay.

Mad For You

Blonde Acid Cult

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Jax arrives at the party and gives Bobby a 'welcome home' hug.



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