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Sons Of Anarchy Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 13

Episode 13 • Na Trioblodi

Burn This Town


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SAMCRO heads back to town; Polly & Zobelle are put in a cell next to Weston; SAMCRO waits for an update from Unser.

Casa Di Legno - Bachi Da Pietra

Casa Di Legno

Bachi Da Pietra

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Freddy gets a call from Opie asking him to separate Weston & his kid.

Freeze & Pixelate - Monster Magnet

Freeze & Pixelate

Monster Magnet

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The Mayans & Zobelle leave the cigar shop; Juice calls Clay; SAMCRO heads out after Zobelle; Unser gets a call from Gemma asking him for help.

City Lights - Pat James

City Lights

Pat James

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Zobelle phones Hale asking for protection and is informed of Polly's death.

Ghost Colony - Tape Deck Mountain

Ghost Colony

Tape Deck Mountain

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SAMCRO corners Weston in the tattoo parlor bathroom, then Jax shoots him.

Let Me Live Long Enough - Pat James

Let Me Live Long Enough

Pat James

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Zobelle waits in the convenience store for SAMCRO to get him, then watches as they drive off.

Just Fillin' In - Pat James

Just Fillin' In

Pat James

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Tig scouts out the convenience store to make sure Zobelle's inside.

Railroad Cancellation - Don Caballero

Railroad Cancellation

Don Caballero

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Edmond convinces Stahl to go alone with him to the safe house; Jax informs Clay that Weston's dead, then asks for an update; the guys make a toast to 'sons'.

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SAMCRO goes after Cameron & Abel; Zobelle books a plane ticket; Hale comforts Tara; Stahl is informed that Gemma's on the run; Unser drives Gemma out of town; Cameron escapes with Abel in a boat just as SAMCRO arrives.


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