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Episode 19

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Season 4

Episode 19 • The Past Presents The Future

Party Up Boyz

Edgard Jaude

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Ignacio & Hilda set up for a surprise coming out party for Justin.

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English Country Gardens

John Fiddy & Gareth Turner

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Henry brings his son, Nate, to lunch with Betty.

Seduce Them All

Central Park

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Claire confronts Wilhemina at her fashion shoot.

A Love That Will Last - Renee Olstead

A Love That Will Last

Renee Olstead

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Hilda & Bobby dance; Betty & Justin talk about the future & taking a chance; Daniel asks Betty to dance; Justin & Austin dance together.

If I Could Fly - Charity Chapman

If I Could Fly

Charity Chapman

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Hilda teases Justin about Austin; Betty & Daniel continue dancing.

LOVE - Oh Darling

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Mark stops Ignacio from welcoming Austin to the family; Mark encourages Justin to come out when he's ready; Amanda introduces Mark to Spencer.

Be My Only - Fm Radio

Be My Only

Fm Radio

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Hilda & Bobby get married.


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