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Episode 1

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Episode 1 • Lord Baltimore


Naomi and her friends are interrupted by the arrival of U.S. Marshals.

We Three - The Ink Spots

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Marcus plays a song to call up Rowan's other personality; repeats as Liz uses the song to bring Nora forth.

La Grange - ZZ Top

La Grange

ZZ Top

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The vehicle he is riding in is fired upon as Red is driven out to meet with tinpot dictator, Yaabari; continues as Red burns Yaabari's money.

No Sugar In My Coffee - Caught a Ghost

No Sugar In My Coffee

Caught a Ghost

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Liz lies in bed staring at her conspiracy board, then gets ready and leaves to meet with Red.

Divisionary (Do the Right Thing) - Ages and Ages

Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)

Ages and Ages

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Liz gets papers annulling her marriage to Tom; Ressler takes pills; Liz is informed that Cooper is back as director; Red receives a package from Berlin.


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