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What is the name of the song on season 5, e6 when cooper enters the club with dembee

a year ago

What is it?

4 years ago



4 years ago

I was looking for that song too!

5 years ago

It's missing the Opening Song, at the very start when Sutton Ross enters the building with his crew. It plays for the first 30 seconds of the show.

6 years ago

If anyone knows that would be wonderful!

6 years ago

Yes.... where we can find this song???

5 years ago


5 years ago

yes yes please it will be incredible

5 years ago

Agreed! I have been searching for this song everywhere and cannot find it. I found some references to it but nothing solid. Apparently the band name is either Sugar McClean or Dirty McClean, and the song name is "Can You Hear Me Coming?" But beyond that I have not been able to find the full song or a band website, or anything else. Help!

5 years ago

i love reimond reddington

5 years ago

LOVE!! <3

6 years ago

Run Run Run by ChinChin : there is no such song. it is a wrong entry.

6 years ago

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