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Grey's Anatomy - S11E114 Soundtrack

The Distance

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  • WorryRHODES & Birdy
    RHODES & Birdy
    Arizona expresses concern over Herman dying and Callie comforts her; Owen yells at Amelia for exposing herself to radiation as she finishes placing the seeds in Herman's brain; Avery tells April she needs to check on a patient; Stephanie finally wakes up, then Amelia lets her close; Amelia walks out of the O.R. and breaks down in the hallway.
  • SaturnSleeping At Last
    Sleeping At Last
    Various staff member check on Herman; Arizona & Bailey discharge Glenda from the hospital; Owen tells Amelia to stop watching video of the surgery; Stephanie notices that Herman may have had a stroke; Callie reassures Arizona that Herman will wake up.


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    bfouces0 points ago
    What's the name of the song at the beginning of this episode, when Amelia and Stephanie do the superheroe pose before entering the OR?
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