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One Tree Hill - S8E5 Soundtrack

Nobody Taught Us To Quit

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  • Off I Go (2010 Mix)Greg Laswell
    Greg Laswell
    Haley writes to Lucas about working at the Crisis hotline; Julian films Brooke talking about giving away her fortune to pay back her investors.
  • Ray LaMontagne and The Pariah Dogs
    Mouth & Nate sit at the river court and talk about their lives; Nate asks Jamie how he's doing without his electronic toys, then Jamie asks why Nate hasn't told Clay he's quitting basketball; Victoria yells at Brooke for giving away Clothes Over Bros.
  • Come To MeCasey Hurt
    Casey Hurt
    Nate tells Clay that he's quitting basketball.
  • Our LightJack Dolgen
    Jack Dolgen
    Mia calls Haley & Brooke to TRIC to ask them if they think Chase & Alex are sleeping together; Mouth agrees to be a part of Julian's documentary.
  • Eugene and The 1914
    Julian films Mouth acting completely unlike himself, then Chase calls to offer Mouth a part-time job.
  • Devilish WaysJarrod Gorbel
    Jarrod Gorbel
    Haley agrees that Nathan avoids things, then he tells her he finally talked to Clay about his career; Haley tells Nathan that she set up a gig for Mia; Brooke & Mia interrupt Haley & Nathan kissing; Nathan asks Brooke how she's doing with Victoria in prison; Nathan asks Clay to let him help with his clients.
  • Howlin' For YouThe Black Keys
    The Black Keys
    Chase asks Alex about the script she's reading, then they kiss; Nathan arrives at Mouth's place as Julian is trying to leave.
  • AlienCary Brothers
    Cary Brothers
    Jamie tells Haley that he's worried that Nathan will get depressed again; Brooke edits stuff out of her wedding album, then she tells Julian how her mom yelled at her; Brooke informs Victoria that it no longer matters to her if Victoria is proud of her actions.
  • Broken HorseFreelance Whales
    Freelance Whales
    Clay finally leaves the hospital and is met with a welcoming party; Chase peeks at Alex's script, then goes to confront her about taking a new movie role; Clay & Quinn return to his place; Haley tells Nathan that Jamie is worried about him being without basketball.
  • LostAqualung
    Haley reminisces with Brooke about the day that Clothes With Bros started, then advises her to focus on her life instead of work; Nathan holds a press conference to announce he's retiring from basketball; Brooke talks to the media about her company; Alex leaves for her movie shoot; Victoria watches Brooke's news conference; Julian tells Brooke he's proud of her.


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