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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 6

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Season 8

Episode 6 • Not Afraid

Take Me To Heaven

Jarrod Gorbel

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Clay gives Nathan tips on being a sports agent; Millie brings Mouth a miniature pumpkin & asks him if he wants to hang out after the party; Chase tells Mouth that Millie likely thinks they are getting back together; Chase tells Mia not to pretend to care; Haley gets another phone call at the crisis hotline from Erin.

Only Human

Ryan Huston

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Clay tells Quinn his Halloween candy plan; Nathan meets with Troy Jameson; Julian asks his mom if she likes Brooke, then Brooke arrives & shows her the wedding idea album she put together.

Golden Frames

KT Tunstall

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Chuck tells a story about the creepy guy who lives in a house they are trick or treating at; Brooke returns home to find Julian dressed as a dalmation & his mother dressed as Cruella de Vil.

Keep Me Tonight

The Open Sea

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Nathan arrives home to take the kids trick or treating; Brooke & Haley shop for Halloween costumes; Quinn tells Clay she's living in fear, then he suggests she take the photo assignment in South Africa.


Sierra Noble

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Millie stops by TRIC to see Mouth & he warns her that he's not ready for a serious relationship; Julian's mom comments on Brooke's wedding ideas, then says she wants to pay for the wedding.

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The Halloween party at TRIC starts; Nathan orders a drink; Haley & Mia show off their pregnant teenager & mermaid costumes to Chase.

Can't Be Love

Laura Izibor

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The last performer goes on; Chase apologizes to Mia, then she confesses that she's glad Alex is gone; Millie tells Mouth she's found another ride home.

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Performed as Julian introduces his mom to Chase & they talk about Alex & Julian's latest project.

Whiskey For The Road

Amy Tipton

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The first singer performs as Millie arrives & Brooke orders a drink from Mouth.

Good Night Ladies

Beach Music Quartet

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A clown quartet serenade Haley & Mia.

The Diamond Church Street Choir

The Gaslight Anthem

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Mouth shows off his fake six pack to some girls; Chase asks Nathan & Mouth if they've ever high-fived Julian, then they encourage Nathan to try it.

Holding a Heart

Girl Named Toby

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Haley realizes that the last performer was Erin; Julian's mom comments on several things she thinks Brooke should change for her wedding; Clay tells Quinn that photography will save her, not a hand gun, then she agrees to take the photo assignment; Nathan tells Haley he's afraid he won't find anything else he's great at.


unknownphotographer70517 (GUEST)

a year ago

Considering all of KT's music listed in radio & TV shows......Why wasn't Feel It All listed in an episode of Unforgetable staring Poppy Montgomery

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