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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 4

Episode 4 • We All Fall Down

Good Life - OneRepublic

Good Life


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Nathan shoots hoops at the river court; Haley writes to Lucas about how complicated their lives have become; Julian tries out a new camera; Haley works at a crisis hotline; Brooke confronts Victoria over how she 'fixed' the company; Alex joins Chase on the golf course.

My Own Drum - Jules Larson

My Own Drum

Jules Larson

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Chase tells Alex he was a 'clean teen' in high school.

Sick Of Dreaming

Alexander Cardinale

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One of the company's investors tells Brooke his daughter can't go to college because Brooke lied; Brooke tells her mother she wants to pay back all the investors; Quinn leaves the hospital.

Just You - Amy Stroup

Just You

Amy Stroup

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Alex tells Chase that she's never been in love; Julian takes Brooke to the Biltmore Estate to check it out as a location for their wedding.



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Haley tells Nathan that Quinn is being released from the hospital & asks him if Quinn can stay with them; Quinn tells Clay that as long as they are together, they'll be fine.

Love Is On The Way - Susie Suh

Love Is On The Way

Susie Suh

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Quinn thanks Haley for taking care of her; Brooke tells Julian that she's going to lose her company to pay back the investors; Haley thanks Nathan for staying, then he tells her he's not going back to camp.

Peace In The Valley - Dawes

Peace In The Valley


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Nathan lies to Quinn about the beach house; Alex invites Chase into her room; Haley takes one last call at the Crisis hotline; Brooke tells her lawyer she wants to liquidate everything she has so she can pay back the investors; Quinn joins Clay in his hospital bed; Nathan starts to clean up Clay's house.

The Rock and the Tide - Joshua Radin

The Rock and the Tide

Joshua Radin

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Haley washes Quinn's hair; Clay encourages Nathan to go back to camp; Julian delivers flowers for Quinn; Chase & Alex make a bet on the last hole.

How - Maroon 5

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Alex wins the last hole & tells Chase he has to kiss her; Quinn looks at the card Jamie made for her; Nathan tells Julian about going to Clay's house & that he can no longer play basketball.


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