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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 10

Episode 10 • Lists, Plans

Trust - Generationals



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Brooke looks through her wedding dress sketches; Haley quizes Jamie for his spelling bee; Jamie & Nathan leave for school; Quinn kisses Clay goodbye; Mia phones Haley to tell her she booked Kid Cudi at TRIC; Nathan asks Dr. Kellerman for permission to take his class.

Cotton Eyed Joe - The Moody Brothers

Cotton Eyed Joe

The Moody Brothers

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Brooke's dream takes on hillbilly twist.


The Dimes

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Brooke tells Haley she's having problems reworking her wedding plans; Nathan tells Jamie he needs to study; Julian finds Brooke's old list of things she wanted to do.

Love Is - Helen Austin

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Brooke dreams she's walking down the aisle at her wedding.

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Julian surprises Brooke with a scooter ride; Chase tells Mia & Alex he doesn't think it's a good idea that they are bartending together; Jamie gives Nathan advice on memorizing lists.

One Day - Sharon Van Etten

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Chase apologizes to Alex for the way he treated her; Mia complains to Haley for her choosing Alex for bartender duties; Brooke arrives home to find Julian setting up Oktoberfest & a Bond marathon.

Paris Swing Ballad

Kosinus Music

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Brooke turns on her car stereo to find that Julian gave her a CD to learn french.

Best Day Of Your Life - Katie Herzig

Best Day Of Your Life

Katie Herzig

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Julian convinces Brooke to sky dive.

If Tonight Is My Last - Laura Izibor

If Tonight Is My Last

Laura Izibor

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Erin performs as Alex & Mia bartend; Nathan & Jamie study while throwing a football back & forth; Julian gives Brooke the man; Chase tries to find a customer that doesn't want Mia & Alex to serve them.

Erase Me - Kid Cudi

Erase Me

Kid Cudi

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Performed as Mia serves Erin a beer; Alex follows Chase to the storeroom, then kisses him; Jamie continues quizzing Nathan as they eat ice cream.

Never Gonna Give You Up - The Black Keys

Never Gonna Give You Up

The Black Keys

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Katie sings along to the radio while driving into Tree Hill.

Mmm... - Laura Izibor

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Erin performs while Quinn cries as she drives home; Brooke apologizes to Julian for how she's handled losing her business, then Julian promises her they will have a baby someday; the Scott family relaxes on their couch; Brooke works on a new dress sketch; Quinn throws away the hand gun.



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