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One Tree Hill - S8E22 Soundtrack

This Is My House, This Is My Home

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Complete List of Songs

  • ClementineSarah Jaffe
    Sarah Jaffe
    Haley looks over the cafe; Jamie asks his dad if he can go to the River Court be himself; Brooke tells Julian she thinks the baby is showing; Clay tells Quinn that he misses his recliner; Alex tells Chase she'll miss him when he leaves for the Air Force; Jamie joins his friends at the River Court; Jamie brushes off Madison at school; Chase stops by Chuck's house.
  • Darkest HorseRosie and Me
    Rosie and Me
    Brooke reads Julian a review of his movie.
  • Why You WannaJana Kramer
    Jana Kramer
    Alex goes on Millie & Mouth's morning show; Chase recieves a letter from Alex; Jamie asks Madisona about her show laces.
  • Mah Na Mah NaMahna Mahna and The Snowths
    Mahna Mahna and The Snowths
    Nathan & Lydia show off their lip synching skills for Haley on the Karen's Cafe stage.
  • Walk On The OceanBethany Joy Galeotti
    Bethany Joy Galeotti
    Haley sings for the Karen's Cafe opening; Chase sees a tabloid showing photos of Alex with another guy.
  • Walk On The OceanToad the Wet Sprocket
    Toad the Wet Sprocket
    Jamie tells Quinn that Madison returned the shoelace he gave her; Nathan tells Haley that he wishes Dan could know their children; Brooke & Julian are informed she is carrying twins.
  • Heart In ChainsKate Voegele
    Kate Voegele
    Millie is offered a job on a show in Charlotte; Chase sees a poster for Mia's concert; Mia performs.
  • WizbotSea Of Bees
    Sea Of Bees
    Chase asks Mia for an autograph; Clay & Nathan drive home from looking at prospective clients; Mouth encourages Millie to take the job in Charlotte; Mia asks Chase about Alex, then says she misses him.
  • A Moment Of PeaceJarrod Gorbel
    Jarrod Gorbel
    Clay drags Nathan to see Danny Howard still practicing at 3 am; Clay returns home to find a new recliner wating for him, then is joined by Quinn; Brooke tells Julian waiting for the twins is like Christmas Eve; Haley finds Nathan sitting with his children.
  • Kiss QuickMatt Nathanson
    Matt Nathanson
    Julian traces Brooke's 7-month belly; Jamie tells Madison he never stopped liking her; Millie tells Mouth she wants to stay on the show with him; Jamie finds shoelaces from Madison in his locker; Clay & Quinn discuss their love for each other; Brooke falls at work; Julian rushes to the hospital to be with Brooke; Julian talks to his sons
  • Big Jet PlaneAngus and Julia Stone
    Angus and Julia Stone
    Alex meets Chase at the airport; Nathan goes to see Dan.
  • Slow Your Breath DownFuture of Forestry
    Future of Forestry
    Nathan gives Dan momentos of Jamie & Lydia; Chase reconnects with Chuck; Julian films Brooke & their sons; Jamie arrives at the cafe as Haley closes up; Dan looks at Jamie's baseball; Jamie reads to Lydia; couples montage.


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