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Episode 21

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Season 2

Episode 21 • Breaking The Code

Blue Glasses

Smokey and Miho

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Spencer & Wren hang out at his place, then end up kissing.

The Boy With The Arab Strap - Belle and Sebastian

The Boy With The Arab Strap

Belle and Sebastian

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Spencer steals a shot from the bar, then Wren joins her & they watch as Melissa gets in a car with Garrett.

Fast As I Can

Nadia Fay

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Mona tries to get advice from Hanna on an outfit, then tells her about the text messages she's been getting.

Whisper - Perrin Lamb

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Wren turns down Spencer's advances due to her drunken state; Emily mistakes another girl for Maya, then she runs into Paige, who tries to kiss her.

Can't Help Falling In Love - Ingrid Michaelson

Can't Help Falling In Love

Ingrid Michaelson

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Ezra tells Aria they're deluding themselves thinking their relationship will work; Ella finds Aria crying in her bedroom.


Lisaxlow (GUEST)

2 years ago

What is this song in the background when Paige and Emily are talking???

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