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Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 9

Episode 9 • Into The Deep

Believe In Me - Rooney

Believe In Me


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Aria & Spencer tell Paige they need Shana invited to Emily's birthday party.

The Rapture - The Pass

The Rapture

The Pass

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Jenna & Shana argue about going to Emily's party; Aria tells Spencer about Jake's date.

All Our Love - Gentlemen Hall

All Our Love

Gentlemen Hall

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Paige tells Emily she didn't tell Dominic about the injury because she wanted to ensure he'd see her;

I Wanted To Be The Sun - Butterfly Boucher

I Wanted To Be The Sun

Butterfly Boucher

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Paige asks everyone to hide for Emily's arrival; Aria sees Jake with another guy.

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Aria & Spencer try to separate Shana & Jenna.

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Aria informs Emily that Jenna has returned.

Break My Heart - DA & The Jones

Break My Heart

DA & The Jones

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Jake makes sure Aria won't be alone that evening; Ezra keeps an eye on Aria as Maggie tells him she was offered a position at U Washington.

It's Okay - Coin

It's Okay


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Jenna convinces Shana to leave; Aria tells Jenna she must reveal if she knows anything about Alison's death.

Half The Time - Young Summer

Half The Time

Young Summer

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Hanna gets a phone call from Mona asking if Ashley got out on bail.

Mind the Gap - Nabiha

Mind the Gap


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Aria tells Jake she completely forgot about Emily's party when she asked about his plans earlier, then comments on his date; Spencer texts Aria to keep Jenna from leaving the party; Emily & Paige head back into the party.


Gentlemen Hall

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Aria & Emily head outside to find Spencer and end up running into Jake; Emily finds Jenna floating face down in the lake.

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A plays a tune on the piano.


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