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Pretty Little Liars - S5E20 Soundtrack

Pretty Isn't The Point

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Complete List of Songs

  • We Were Made To Be BrokenJules Larson & AG
    Jules Larson & AG
    Talia tells Emily her mom was asking for a cobbler recipe, then they agree to keep their relationship quiet.
  • The GirlsCalvin Harris
    Calvin Harris
    Emily gets a text from Hanna about dancing, then meets Talia's husband, Eric.
  • Ariana Grande, Jessie J & Nicki Minaj
    Emily & Hanna practice a dance routine as Caleb arrive with lunch; repeats as the girls continue practicing; Ashley calls Caleb to ask how Hanna's doing; Jonny sets off an alarm taking down the last canvas in the gallery; Hanna performs for her pageant adviser.


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