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Private Practice - S4E9 Soundtrack

Can't Find My Way Back Home

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Complete List of Songs

  • Juju's ThemeUndersea Poem
    Undersea Poem
    Addison & Sam talk about how Charlotte will ever recover & how it will effect Cooper; Cooper & Charlotte arrive at the police station, then she sends him ahead to find out why they want to see her.
  • Red Rocking ChairBlack Prairie
    Black Prairie
    Julie tells her Mom that she wants to have the surgery; Charlotte tells Cooper her attacker was not in the lin-up & she won't view more line-ups; Pete asks his mom if she's sorry she killed Henry; Sheldon informs Charlotte that Lee has a girlfriend & child; Violet informs Cooper that Charlotte was raped.
  • In The MorningFran Healy
    Fran Healy
    Addison tells Sam that she wants a baby & doesn't want to wait; Pete seeks reassurance from Violet that he did the right thing; Cooper tells Charlotte that Lee can't go free; Charlotte picks Lee out of a line-up.


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