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  • David Ramirez
    Addison tells her therapist she no longer thinks she's in control of her life; Addison insists Sam moves he things out of her house so she can make a better impression on her social worker; repeats as Amelia tells Charlotte she wants to turn back the clock; Jake comforts Addison; Cooper tells Charlotte he followed through on disciplining Mason; Violet tells Pete they have to stick to their rules; Sam & Addison agree that their relationship is over.
  • We'll Begin Tomorrow
    Release The Sunbird
    Charlotte talks to Amelia about how the surgery went & her recovery; Violet tells Addison that Pete is moving out; Addison is paged by Melanie; Sam, Peter, Cooper & Charlotte talk about relieving frustration; Addison reassures Melanie.
  • I'm Gonna Love You Too
    Jenny O
    Charlotte & Sheldon talk about Amelia at the shooting range; Addison looks in on Melanie's daughter.


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