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Episode 16

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Season 5

Episode 16 • Andromeda

Don't Blame Love - Trent Dabbs

Don't Blame Love

Trent Dabbs

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Addison shows Laurel that Dani is there for her; Cooper tells Violet that Mason seems terrified of what's happening to Erica; Addison bring Jake in on Laurel's surgery; Corinne tells Sam she's found a new galaxy.

252 - Gem Club

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Charlotte tells Cooper she hired a night nurse for Erica; Violet invites Pete to stay for dinner; Addison is awoken in the middle of the night by Corinne: Sam talks Corinne into returning to his house.

Sister Song - Perfume Genius

Sister Song

Perfume Genius

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Addison talks to her therapist about sacrifice; Scott leaves after having sex with Violet; Charlotte lies in bed alone.

Change Your Life - Jennifer O'Connor

Change Your Life

Jennifer O'Connor

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Sheldon tries to convince Sam that he can't handle Corinne by himself; Sam asks Corinne to tell him about the stars she sees; Addison tells her therapist the type of love she is searching for.


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