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The Dimes

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One Tree Hill -  poster

One Tree Hill • s8e10




September 28th the biggest day of my life 2018 revealed so much to my eyes Found love but it wasted all of my time 'Cause it wasn't really love, just something to write some lines about And now my homies snorting lines I'm tryna get em off that shit, Lord knows that they could die I ain't even ghetto but I seen some gangstas cry 'Cause lately everybody been left with their blood to dry on the pavement That we was always walking every night 415 to 650 I'm tryna make y'all shine I'll put us on the map and make sure every single dime was worth it 'Cause half the time I feel so worthless When I can't even live up to what I call picture perfect They told me to paint an image but this frame is crooked Look at this hopeless romantic tryna care when he so heartless, the dearly departed My mother gave birth she probably wish she had aborted it But it's too late, April 5th and a month after, she got deported And now I'm on my way to become the fucking greatest Defining what it really means to be young and reckless I gave y'all gone mad when y'all really needed it And ever since I did I been asked so many questions Asking if I'm ok with all the shit that I've explained And no I'm not but I'm pulling together with what I've made I'm tryna prove something but I don't know what it is Could it be the fact that I might just be the realest? Or could it be that my intuitions cannot accept That my foundation for support been broken since we met? 'Cause I hate to say it but I'm unstable as all hell Young successful man with the fear that I'ma fail Anxiety attacks always follow me through the trail Got me looking like a mannequin, when I feel, I'm pale So why am I so cold? homie here's what you should know I ain't asking for approval when you got none to show I'm done tripping over moments that are excess and pitiful Because I'm so fucking tired of being alone This for hip hop, this for culture, this for everything I stand for This for all the homies that supported even when I fell short These the bloody notes I wrote for y'all when I lost hope Signed by Hunter Dane, recorded by his fucking ghost Damn...

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