Jefferson Airplane - List of Songs

Has 42 songs in the following movies and television shows

Legends Of Tomorrow - Poster
Constantine lays out the plan for the team; montage of the team collecting the required items.
The Handmaid's Tale - Poster
Commander Waterford takes June into the Jezebels club.
Big Little Lies - Poster
Jane takes Ziggy to the aquarium and then they continue to sing this song on the way home.
Kong Skull Island - Poster
Randa and Brooks enter a Saigon club looking for James Conrad.
The Young Pope - Poster
Flashback of the young nun playing basketball.
Stranger Things - Poster
Song at the diner when they come to collect Eleven. She manages to escape.
Stranger Things - Poster
Eleven sneaks into the diner to find some food.
The Age of Adaline - Poster
On her way home in the cab. Adaline recalls abandoning her last boyfriend as he tried to propose.
St. Vincent - Poster
Vincent gets drunk at the bar and dances to this song on his own.
Fringe - Poster
Walter shows Olivia the video of Peter & the Observer that he recorded with a nanny cam; Astrid arrives with some new lab equipment then asks Olivia how she's doing.
Parenthood - Poster
Zeek plays this song and dances with Camille and the kids.
Supernatural - Poster
Scott's therapy session and attack.
Four Brothers - Poster
Evelyn pulling up to the convenience store
Friends - Poster
Final song at the end of the series. This guitar plays off as all of them leave Monica's apartment one last time to get coffee.
The Game - Poster
Playing on the speakers as Nicholas finds his house vandalized. [2:03] Final scene, plays into the end credits.
Apollo 13 - Poster
Playing in Barbara's room when she argues with her mom and when Jim announces he's been moved up to Apollo 13.