Frank Sinatra - List of Songs

Has 146 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Good Doctor - Poster
Sophie connects her aunt Joan with all the people she's help with her conferences through video chat as a way to convince her to get the surgery out of her iron lung.
Julia - Poster
Julia receives a royalty check from her book then deposits it at a bank; Julia goes to department story and purchases a television; as Julia servers the multitude of television consoles she begins to imagine herself on them; End credits; Julia (2022) Official Trailer.
9-1-1 Lone Star - Poster
Julian takes his first solo flight when he's alerted by the air tower of the dust storm and is called back in.
The Good Doctor - Poster
Alex and Asher find Maxine having a party in her room; Maxine tells Asher not to be sad that he couldn't say goodbye to his grandmother and that he's inspired her to have going away party so that she can say goodbye to her loved ones.
Prodigal Son - Poster
At a bar, Gil and Malcolm arrive to question Cyril about assassins working in the city.
Watchmen - Poster
Angela, her kids and Will walk through the aftermath of the squid attack as they head for her safe room, then drive home.
Legacies - Poster
Alaric arrives at the headmaster's office to find Dorian listening to Christmas music and drinking cocoa.
Watchmen - Poster
New York, 1985 - A giant alien squid wreaks havoc on the city; 2015 - Wade watches a group of guys viewing a 'Come Back to New York' ad.
Watchmen - Poster
Wade arrives home, sorts through his mail, puts on his Looking Glass mask then has dinner while watching tv, before being interrupted by an alarm.
Joker - Poster
Arthur dye's his hair green and puts on white makeup. [1:53] Final scene at Arkham state hospital.
Supergirl - Poster
The Kasnian forces invade America; Red Daughter fights Supergirl; Lex takes out the Kasnian army; Red Daughter watches as Supergirl dies.
Supergirl - Poster
Three Years ago - Lex poisons the judge, attorneys and jury at this trial; continues as Lex gives Miss Tessmacher an assignment.
Fleabag - Poster
When the fleabag clears the blood from her nose in the mirror
Titans - Poster
Dick and the others drive off; The Chief sits in a wheelchair staring out the window; end credits.
Billions - Poster
Axe and Wags arrive in their Chauffeur driven car at the casino, followed by Wendy. As they exit the vehicles the legendary Frank Sinatra pipes up with a wonderful live version from the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas under the equally legendary Count Bassie’s orchestra
Billions - Poster
Oscar has just given Taylor $500m investment for her new company but declines her any other involvement other than financial. Sinatra then starts his classic “ One for my baby scene breaks then to Ax on his on alone and the to Wendy and Chuck who also have had a real bad day. Finishes with Ax, Chuck and Wendy all together planning revenge on their advisories
9-1-1 - Poster
First song during the marriage proposal.
The Flash - Poster
Becky Sharpe exist a Uber cab picks up a penny as she heads inside bank as chaos falls to those around her and robs the hands for thousands and make away.
MacGyver - Poster
The group assembles for a poker night; Mac tells Sam she's the mysterious new kid of the family.
Blade Runner 2049 - Poster
K plays this song at his apartment and talks to his holographic girlfriend, Joi, about work.
Blade Runner 2049 - Poster
K puts a coin in the jukebox and a holographic Frank Sinatra appears, singing this song.
Animals. - Poster
The animals realize that the humans are gone and celebrate.
Timeless - Poster
Las Vegas, 1962 - Performed in a casino as people gather to watch the explosion of an atomic bomb; JFK and Judith Campbell watch the explosion as Flynn takes pictures of them.
Timeless - Poster
Performed as the team work the crowd while looking for Flynn; Rufus questions Anthony about his relationship with Flynn.
iZombie - Poster
Liv lies on her bed listening to music and contemplating her life.
Fifty Shades of Grey - Poster
Ana and Christian dance after their night in the secret room.
The Other Woman - Poster
All 3 ladies return to NYC, as Mark arrives at Carly's office for an unexpected surprise.
RoboCop - Poster
Three months later as RoboCop dreams.
The Walking Dead - Poster
In the beginning of the episode, Tyreesse serenades Karen with this song
Sleepy Hollow - Poster
The radio comes on in Jeremy's car, then he's attacked by a witch.
Begin Again - Poster
Gretta and Dan walk around NYC listening to Dave's music library.
We're The Millers - Poster
After the let the firework off, they arrive at the border.
Silver Linings Playbook - Poster
Christmas Song as Pat and Tiffany try on their outfits for the dance.
New Year's Eve - Poster
The mayor is brought up to announce the ball drop.
The Bounty Hunter - Poster
When Milo goes back to casino again to try his luck after handcuffing Nicole and later comes back fully drunk.
Bones - Poster
Booth observes the neighborhood.
Bones - Poster
Sung during the second open mic night.
Elf - Poster
Buddy goes on a date with Jovie.
Gilmore Girls - Poster
Miss Patty sings during her rehearsal.
Catch Me If You Can - Poster
Song as Frank walks through the airport with his 8 stewards.
Gilmore Girls - Poster
Dean & Rory dance at Miss Patty's; Lorelai & Christopher dance.
What Women Want - Poster
Nick is about to leave when he notices Darcy in her cabinet. He comes in to talk to her.
What Women Want - Poster
Nick dances at his apartment, trying to get in the mood for creating advertisements for the \"women stuff\"
Roswell - Poster
Hal & Richie discuss what they should do.
Roswell - Poster
Hal meets Betty; Betty wants Hal to talk to nurse Yvonne White.
Friends - Poster
They're listening to Phoebe upstairs, as she arrives home from her date.
Friends - Poster
Song plays at the reception and then again when Rachel sings it.
Friends - Poster
Ross dances with Susan at the wedding.