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Sixteen Candles (1984) Soundtrack

4 May 1984





Sixteen Candles, released on 4 May 1984, consists of a playlist of 173 credited songs, from various artists including AC/DC, Paul Young and Kajagoogoo. The original score is composed by Ira Newborn.

List of Songs

Love of the Common PeoplePaul Young
Kajagoogoo (Main Title Song)Kajagoogoo
Happy BirthdayAltered Images
Kazooed on KlassicsThe Temple City Kazoo Orchestra
DragnetRay Anthony and His Orchestra
The Twilight ZoneMarius Constant
Rumours in the AirNight Ranger
Today I Met The Boy I'm Gonna MarryDarlene Love
Peter GunnRay Anthony and His Orchestra
Wild Sex in the Working ClassOingo Boingo
TrueSpandau Ballet
Little BitchThe Specials
Growing PainsTim Finn
When It Started to BeginNick Heyward
LennyStevie Ray Vaughan
Whistle Down the WindNick Heyward
Ring Me UpThe Divinyls
Love Theme from 'The Godfather'Nino Rota & Carlo Savina
Turning JapaneseThe Vapors
Rev-UpTHe Revillos
Farmer JohnThe Premiers
Hang Up the PhoneAnnie Golden
GloriaPatti Smith
Theme from New York, New YorkFrank Sinatra
Young GunsWham!
Geek BoogieIra Newborn and The Geeks
Rebel YellBilly Idol
Young AmericansDavid Bowie
Lohengrin Wedding MarchThe Bavarian Staatsoper Munich Chorus and Orchestra
If You Were HereThe Thompson Twins
Sixteen CandlesThe Stray Cats

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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redsonia9999 months ago
What song is playing when Sam is crying in the hallway at the dance and Jake’s girlfriend walks by with her friends? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
petuniaskunk1239 months ago
I have never found out the song at 1:39 in the alternate home video version. It replaced Paul Young's "Love of the Common People". Can anyone help?
robert conrad 9 months ago
The name of the song when Ted is in the car with Caroline when he looks at her panties they only play a few notes but the beginning of the song words start with something like oh ah
guesta year ago
What music is playing while the pizza is spinning on the turntable and the cassette tape is all unraveled?
guest2 years ago
There is a song that plays at the dance with the lyric 'c'est la vie'....I recently heard it on a commercial I think....thanks!
guest2 years ago
What is the song playing at 22:55 it’s not on the soundtrack list it’s sounds like a ska song with a bit of Madness “our house sound “
guest2 years ago
What’s the song playing when jake gives Sam her birthday cake?
guest2 years ago
What’s the song at the beginning of the dance, when you can see the DJ in the background.
guest3 years ago
What’s that song called when Ted knocks over the beer cans?
guest3 years ago
What’s that song called when Ted knocks over the beer cans?
guest3 years ago
What's the doo-wop style song playing when Jake and Caroline break up?
volcanon3 years ago
I went through and added all the times and scene descriptions to each of the songs. I significantly shortened the scenes I wrote so they would display on mobile. I matched the times to the version of the movie I saw while streaming on Max Go (Cinemax).

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