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27 January 2020





Episode 4Black Box

The LetterBrady Daniell-Smith
The LetterThe Box Tops
The Letterhornsae


libertymama2 months ago
YouTube or Spotify: the letter, hornsae
guesta year ago
guest2 years ago
It the letter by brady smith
guest2 years ago Finally found it
guest2 years ago
we need the fucking dam song???????
guest2 years ago
I have been searching and searching and cannot find the song that plays at the end when Zeke and Mick are kissing. But I need it. I NEED THE SONG. Somewhere out there the artist has the song and we have to band together and find them.
isa_agape2 years ago
So the DP of the show posted on Twitter that its from Brady Daniell-Smith called "The Letter" ... I have searched HIGH AND LOW and I haven't found the actual song. It does look like he produced Anna of the North album called "Lovers". If someone finds it let us know here!
guest2 years ago
Yes please. I would like that song also. It played, I believe, in the last 5 or 10 minutes. The song started when Michaela was kissing Zeke.
guest2 years ago
We have the lyrics but can not find the song..... his is the first day of my life The seas are changing There’s a distant shore in sight Put out there put it out Show them what’s within Show them what’s beneath your skin Put it out there put it out Let the sunlight in A brand new day begins Its time to let the sunlight in Put it out there put it out there to love Put it out there put it out Put it out there put it out there to love Remember who remember who you are to love Its time to let the sunlight in
guest2 years ago
Yes, please. . . What is that song? Who sings it?
guest2 years ago
What is the song played in the last 15 minutes of the episode that aired Monday January 27 2020
guest2 years ago
Who sing the song Put it out there