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Episode 13

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Season 9

Episode 13 • Bad Blood

Shine - Wild Belle

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The residents talk about the hospital cuts; Callie tells the residents the future is out of their control.

Come By Fire - Sara Jackson-Holman

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Cristina calls time of death on her Jehovah Witness patient.

Shut Eye - Stealing Sheep

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Meredith & Cristina check out the new installed cameras in the hospital; Alana explains the purpose of the cameras to the doctors; Arizona & Callie bicker over how to deal with Sofia.

In Your Arms Again - Josh Ritter

In Your Arms Again

Josh Ritter

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Owen shuts off the lights in the ER, then finds Cristina waiting for him outside; Derek feels the baby moving.

Town On Fire - NO

Town On Fire


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Arizona talks Simmi into getting out of bed and walking; Alana is thanked by the family of the man she helped save; Richard & Bailey ignore Darrell; April & Derek present Alana with their plan to save the ER.


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